SAT Registration for 11th Graders: The Joys of 333791

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Registering for the SATs is mostly a series of clicks on, but if there’s one piece of information that you definitely need to include, it’s that of MVA! This isn’t a school pride thing: if you don’t properly include the school’s information, Mr. Frick will not get a copy of your SAT score report, which means he won’t be able to mail/fax/email it to a school should they need it. That means you’d probably have to pay the CollegeBoard $11 to send it, and why should they get any more of your money than necessary? Input MVA’s info correctly, and save your $11 for Ashby’s chocolate chip cookies .

Here’s what you’ll see on the initial registration screen once you’ve logged into CollegeBoard:

Click on the “Find your School” link, which will then take you to a screen where you can search for your high school. You can search for the school by typing in the name, the city–which is New York, NOT Manhattan!–and state, OR you can input our school code: 333791. You’ll need to know that code for all of your applications next fall, so you might as well commit it to memory right now! Here’s what you’ll see once you search for the school:

Click “Select,” and then you’ll be take back to the main registration page!

The school info is now in all caps, which means it’s official. And now you’re ready to continue registering!

The rest of the SAT registration process is fairly straight forward, but for your first registration, you will be asked to build your “CollegeBoard Profile” by answering a bunch of demographic and interest questions, such as your family background and what you want to study. Though many of the questions are not required to register for the SAT, it is encouraged that you fill out the survey so that schools, scholarships, and programs that might have something you’re interested in can email you.

Even though you’re registering for June, take care of this now instead of waiting, as seats at the most convenient testing locations fill up fast!

If you have any questions, please email or see me at school.

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Applying for Financial Aid: Getting Started!

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As you finish submitting the odds and ends to your various college applications, now it’s time to turn your attention towards the Financial Aid process! Here are four basic links that I shared at the recent Financial Aid Information Night:

  • In-depth information about everything related to college savings, FAFSA, CSS, college loans!
  • MANDATORY Federal verification that needs to be filled out in order to receive financial aid!
  • FREE! And please notice .GOV at end! Do NOT get fooled into filling out a fake FAFSA form and paying! FAFSA is FREE FREE FREE!
  • Also detailed information on the whole process
  • New York State Higher Education Services; resources for paying for public universities in New York State (SUNYs) for people having resided in New York for at least 12 months

Remember: FAFSA opens up on January 1st, and there will be more detailed information provided when we get back from winter break. Before you can submit your FAFSA on January 1st, however, you need to obtain a Federal Financial Aid PIN. Click, follow the instructions, and in a few days you’ll be ready to go! Please note that both you AND your parent/guardians need to a PIN to proceed with FAFSA.

I would upload the slides from the Financial Aid Night, but WordPress isn’t letting me right now, so look for it as an attachment!


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CUNY Problems: How to Follow Up

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So you’ve submitted your CUNY application, but upon looking through the application summary, ruh-roh, you realized you made a mistake! For most things, it’s not the end of the world.  Here’s what you do:

1. From the email address that you used in your application, email

2. Make the subject line “Update Application”

3. Include your First and last Name

4. Include your Application Control Number (ten-digit number beginning with a W that is listed on your Application Summary Package)

5. Describe the error.

Within five business days, CUNY should be able to resolve most minor problems.  These include: inaccurate income information, names, dates, etc., as well as program choices at a school (e.g., you want to change from Education to Liberal Arts and Science at Lehman).

If you need to add/delete school choices, however, you need to contact Frick, as he has to do this via email with our CUNY representative. 

For all other post-application questions, check out:


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The SUNY Online Academic Record: Everything You Need to Know

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Last year, SUNY introduced the SUNY Online Academic Record (SOAR), a system where students self-report their grades instead of sending a transcript and SAT score reports. This cuts down on processing time, postage fees, lost records, and trees destroyed; it also takes you a good hour to complete and is really, really tedious.  The good news is that once you’ve completed it, your SUNY schools will have instantaneous access to your academic history, and those schools with rolling admissions will be able to offer you a decision even faster.

Even though Mr. Frick is still going to scan your transcript in as part of his counselor’s report on the SUNY Counselor Connect, this is the way that SUNY is going to look at your grades. YOU are the one looking at your transcript and entering the grades, and the most frequent question is: What’s to stop people from lying?

There is absolutely no point in lying about your grades. Your school WILL require an official transcript eventually, and should they find out you that lied on your SOAR, you will have your acceptance rescinded from ALL SUNY schools. There is NO point in screwing yourself over this way. 

**SUNY will not reject you for a typo; you will be putting a cumulative GPA and all your scores in, so if something doesn’t add up, SUNY will contact Mr. Frick and will correct any mistakes that way.**

If you are applying to SUNY schools via the Common App, you will need your Common App ID number, and you should see Mr. Frick, as logging into SOAR is a bit different–it also takes a few days for the SUNY system to see that you’ve applied on the Common App.  Everything you will read below is the same, though.
**Please note that I took most of these screengrabs LAST YEAR, so what you see on your transcript is going to be a bit different!**

In order to begin SOAR, go to your SUNY Portal homepage on ApplySUNY and click on the box to the right:

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The Common Application: Everything You Need to Know

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The Common App is both a very useful and very infuriating application platform for applying to private schools, most SUNY schools, and out-of-state public schools. It streamlines the application process when applying to multiple schools, but there are hundreds of buttons to click and some of the prompts are a bit confusing.

Go to, create an account, and then read through the following guide for how to apply for schools on the Common App! The process described below doesn’t go in a straight top-to-bottom order, but does highlight the most important parts–and those that cause the most confusion.

The first thing you should do is search for and add the college to which you want to apply. For most schools, if you type in the name and wait a second, suggestions will appear in the drop-down box. 

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SUNY Next Steps: The Supplemental Application

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So, you’ve submitted your SUNY initial application on ApplySUNY–congratulations! Mr. Frick will send your recommendations and your official transcript, but there are two next steps that you must take:

1. Filling out the supplemental application (either the SUNY supplement form or individual campus form)

2. Filling out the SUNY Online Academic Record (SOAR), which is how SUNY will see your GPA and SAT scores

There will be a post about SOAR later this week, but read on for step-by-step guide to filling out the SUNY supplemental form. Please note: Some campuses, like Geneseo, FIT, SUNY Maritime, and others have their own individual supplements to fill out.  If you are applying to any of these schools, you will see the link in your ApplySUNY home screen.

Remember: Mr. Frick is going to do a demo for the SUNY Online Academic Record portion of this later.  Worry about Supplemental Application part for now!

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CUNY: Next Steps

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After you submit your CUNY application via the CUNY Portal, you will need to send your SAT scores.  For every SAT registration, you get FOUR free SAT score reports.  Be sure to use one of those to send to the central CUNY processing center! For those of you who took the October SATs, you should be getting your score reports this week.  Regardless of whether you took it in October or are taking it in November, you can pre-arrange to have your scores sent via your CollegeBoard account! Under the “My Tests” section of your account, there is a button that says “Send scores.” From here, you are led to your options for sending scores: You can send scores from one specific test, you can send the most recent scores, or you can “Send Scores When Available.”

You have to search for the name of the school and the state that it’s in.  For CUNY, search “CUNY” in New York State, and select the “CUNY UAPC” in Brooklyn, NY:

This will send your SAT scores to ALL SIX of your CUNY schools–and if you haven’t used any of your free score reports, it won’t cost you a thing!

Otherwise, the other next step is payment. You can print out a receipt and mail in a check, but it’s best to pay by credit card if you are able to.  CUNY fee waivers are very, very limited, so if you can pay the $65, please do!

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